Xiaomi Mi4 Heating Issues ! Is there a Fix?

Xiaomi Mi4, one of the cheapest Android Smartphones in India with Flagship specs, is without any doubt one of the best value for money devices to own. At least on paper that is. It has great specs – Snapdragon 801, 3GB Ram, 3080mAh Battery and iPhonic looks –  but what use is all of these if you can’t use the phone properly?



A lot of certified buyers on Flipkart where Xiaomi Mi4 is exclusively sold are complaining about heating issues and some even experiencing the burning smell ! From reading these reviews, it is more likely a hardware issue than a software problem which means the users who bought it have to live with it. ( let’s pray my assumption is wrong and it’s a software issue ).

Check out the below reviews from the Flipkart Mi4 product page to see how serious these heating issues are.

it heats like hell when we play games.
For eg: when i played asphat 8 for 2 minutes then i checked its temperature it was more then 50

It produce more heat when I use to talk less then 5 minutes. It generates more heat when I use camera. But phone is very stylish in the front, very good UI and its features all good.

Phone is getting over heated and emits burning smell after 14 min video recording. and mocrophone was not working for first use .No body is responding from flipkart.I wasted 20000 .

Nice phone guys,but too hot to handle …yup its getting hot around games and on 15 min of talking.I personally experienced low hearing in the phone.Had loved to get a mi4 for long time but disappointing.it hurts..

Feels warm while playing resource hungry games at length and while charging (probably due to the metal frame)

Slimmer + Metal = More Heat Produced/Felt on the back panel. Only Oppo did the right thing by integrating some heat absorbing materials in their Slimmest smartphone – Oppo R5. I think due to these issues, Flipkart is allowing customers to buy Mi4 freely ie No Registration Needed, No Gone in 4secs Flash Sales. This might also be to counter OnePlus One 16GB Silk White sale in India on Amazon.in, priced at Rs 18,999. ( Mi 4 Costs Rs 19,999 for 16GB ). Let’s hope Xiaomi releases an OTA to fix these heating issues, at least to an extend.

Source : Flipkart Mi4 16GB Product Reviews, Heating Reviews

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